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MAILING ADDRESS: 4033 NE 204th St, Lake Forest Park WA 98155-1606


IF YOU DON'T SEE IT, I DON'T HAVE IT.Unless photographed as such, I do not have matched pairs of any of the plates shown.  I know that matched pairs of plates are popular with antique car owners for Year of Manufacture (YOM) registration purposes, so I sell pairs as such.  I do not guarantee that the plates are clear for registration!  Check with your state DMV!  Several states (including Missouri, Michigan and New York) issued single plates in the past, so that may be all you need for your antique car.  Most states also issued single plates in 1946 due to a metal shortage from WWII.

I CANNOT DO BULK ORDERS.  I try to keep a wide selection - not too many copies of a particular plate.  This selection does not allow me to price plates for bulk sale.  NEED BULK?  Try

WHY NO PHONE NUMBER? - I do this part-time, in addition to a full-time job.  I cannot accept calls at the office.





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